We aim to provide a comprehensive list of services which covers all your pets needs as well as providing you with peace of mind that your house is in the best possible hands while you are away. 
We will undertake a free visit prior the start of the contract starting. During this visit we will discuss the needs of you and your pets and from this we can give you a written quote showing what we will provide and how much it will cost:
All of the following can be undertaken as requested:

  • Feeding/watering of any pets
  • Cleaning out cages/litter trays etc
  • Company/attention
  • Dog walking
  • Basic grooming (brushing and trimming nails etc)
  • Medicines administered
  • text/email updates on how your pet is doing can be provided
  • Plants watered
  • Bins put out
  • Lights switched on/off, curtains opened/closedetc to aid security
  • Mail/parcels/deliveries collected and placed asrequested
  • Basic supplies (bread, milk etc) can be broughtand left ready for your return
  • Keys kept secure in a locked key box
  • If there is something else you would like us toundertake for you please ask
      We have worked with a wide range of animals and this has involved nervous cats who have a cat flap meaning we often don't see them over the course of a job.  As a result we have now purchased a motion sensor wildlife camera which we have successfully used to monitor these cats and ensure they are happy, healthy and eating. It has also been useful in situations where clients believe neighbors cats have been coming in their house

Animal transport

We are able to provide transportation of pets (and owners if required) to vets, groomers, kennels/catteries, new home etc. this will be charged at our standard time and fuel charges as mentioned under pet sitting prices and fuel prices on our prices page

Home Boarding

Although we are primarily a sitting service we are able to board small animals at our home with the following terms and conditions.

Unfortunately we can not board any animal requiring a dangerous wild animals licence (DWA). Animals which do not require a DWA but which require extra precautions being taken when handling will be boarded at our discretion. We are also unable to board cats and dogs due to space and our own animals.

Ideally all animals should beprovided with appropriate, secure housing. We do however understand that this is not always practicable and so we have a small selection of spare vivarium and cages. Please contact to discuss your needs
We also request that enough food andspare bedding materials etc. is provided for the entire stay with us. If yourequire us to provide any of this we will work out an additionalprice for you.

We are able to collect and drop off any animals at our discretion. The standard fuel charges mentioned on our prices page will apply

We ask that a separate waiver form be signed by the owner of the animal/s as well as the standard contract. this waiver form will sign over the animal/s to M and M Pet Sitters if no contact to collect the animal is made within one month after the boarding period ends. If the one month period passes and no contact has been made to collect the animal then the animal becomes the property of M and M Pet Sitters who under its own discretion can decide how to deal with the animals. If an animal is collected within the one month period, all costs involved in the care for the animal after the boarding period has ended will be covered by you the owner

All animals must pass a basic health check (carried out by us) prior to boarding. We will cancel any boarding contracts where an animal shows any signs of disease, infection or ill health prior to the boarding period. This is to protect our animals as well as any other animals we are boarding. We ask that you notify us as soon as possible when you notice anything wrong with your animal prior to your booking. If we are unhappy with any animal for any reason at our discretion we will cancel the booking.

Jazz - our elderly cat. Our first (and most demanding) pet.
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