About us

M and M Pet Sitters is run by Matt Carr and Marie Jennings and was started in September 2012.

We have both been involved with caring for and working with animals for several years now in a variety of settings. We share our home with a variety of pets many of which have either been rescued or we are currently fostering. These include: 

Tha'li and Alinga - our two bearded dragons (we have also successfully bred these in the past but have decided not to breed any more as there are too many around)
Pebbles - our  normal coloured royal python
Ted and the girls - our 3 rats who we are hoping to teach some tricks. They are very food orientated so hope that helps!
Pedro and friends -  are our 4 White's tree frogs
Bandit - our Honduran Milk snake
Mr mouse - our mouse!

We also have a Dubai cockroach colony, a mealworm colony. 2 pairs of preying mantis and some Indian stick insects

In the past we have also kept a giant African land snail, hamsters, other rats and mice, an African pygmy hedgehog, a cockatiel, various preying mantis, various stick insects, frog beetles and assassin bugs. finally we had jazz, a slightly neurotic 17 year old tortoiseshell cat with a variety of health needs

Matt has worked as the head of education at an animal rescue centre where he has had the opportunity to work with a wide selection of animals including farm animals, zoo animals, unwanted/abandoned pets and domestic wildlife. He has also worked part time at a local open farm looking after a variety of animals. Since August 2013 he has been volunteering at another local zoo and in March 2014 was taken on as a part time paid keeper there. He has completed a level 3 diploma in the management of zoo and aquarium animals

Marie has previously worked in a pet shop and a boarding cattery before committing to pet sitting 6 days a week. She also works in the zoo shop for a couple of hours each Saturday.
Both of us have been actively involved in the local North Lancashire and South Lakes Reptile, Amphibian and Invertebrate Club. We are both keen to learn as much as possible about animals and have attended several workshops/talks including canine and feline behaviour talks, T touch, training and enrichment of reptiles and recognising signs of aggression in dogs. We are always looking at courses, forums and workshops to improve our knowledge on as wide a variety of animals as possible. 

All the animals featured in photos on this website are being or have been kept by us except some of the animals on the animal pics and testimonials pages which also features animals we have looked after!

Mavis - a foster cockateil, growing her feathers back after suspected nicotine poisoning
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